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Just a quick weekend note, I finally hit 200 followers. Thanks to each and every one of you! As thanks, next weekend I will be posting an EPIC book release schedule, just as I promised I would when I hit 200.

Also, if you were curious about how the 3 Day Novel contest went stay tuned to my blog Monday and I will have a surprise.


Leah said...

Congratulations Angela! =)

Congrataulations on reaching the big twenty-o

Congratulations! ::happy dance:: Is the song still stuck in your head? lol :)

ajkulig said...

LOL Actually no, my friend forced it out of my head with "Eye of the Tiger" but I can say I am not really sure that is better ;)

Wow! I gotta say that a wonderful achievement. I've only just started with twitter and I only got less than 50 followers as of the moment.

Mila Petersburg
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quidforquill said...

I've always wondered about the 3 Day Novel contest. Can't wait to read your upcoming post about it!

By the way I'm part of your urban fantasy group. Sorry it's taken me so long to drop by and say hi!

ajkulig said...

Thnks guys! I should have been more specific. I finally have 200 Blog followers, but I have 2300 + Twitter followers. No word on why it's so uneven ;)

CONGRATS!!! That's awesome!

Many congratulations! A fine achievement!

Woohoo for the 200! Now to take over the world...oops, I mean, the next 200.

Jolene Perry said...

How cool!!

200 is awesome! congratulations!

Congrats on reaching 200. That's awesome!

Jess said...

Congratulations! Those 200+ followers are well-deserved. :)