Thursday, March 31, 2011

For those of you under rocks, and others of you who long to be there…

Under Cover Rock Lovers
Shelly Watters is having an amazing, fantastical, awesome, wonderful, BLOG FOLLOWERS CONTEST. That can be found here:

It really is EPIC. I would just like to say, I wish ever agent was as cool as Suzie and that they all did Twitter Pitches, because I think unlike more traditional query letters, there is very little anxiety of sending a tweet. I have become so accustomed to forcing complex emotions and thoughts into 140 characters or less, there is likely no better way for me to approach an agent.

Unless I am wearing a pirate hat and brandishing a large plastic sword, but I hear they frown on that.

Tomorrow (as soon as midnight perhaps) I will be posting my draft of my Twitter Pitch and I would love for every last one of you to help me make it the best it can be.

ALSO don’t forget about my blog contest. It runs until the end of April but the more people you tell, the more people they can tell, and the larger that Amazon gift card gets.

This weekend on my blog I will dispel the popular myth, and suddenly hot blog topic that you must be gleefully happy doing things that make you completely miserable. Crawl back under that rock lovelies, I will see you in a few hours.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


If you told me it was possible to not have agent, but have agents who dislike your blog enough to mention it, I would have looked at you like THIS o.0?! Because as busy as we are hearing agents are all the time you would assume that agents wouldn’t even notice if you had a blog much less explore it enough to know if they hate it.

The truth of the matter is THEY WILL GOOGLE YOU, YOU WILL PUT THE ADDRESS IN QUERY LETTERS, THEY MAY EVEN CLICK ON A LINK YOU GAVE SOME ONE ELSE IN AN AGENT CHAT WHEN YOU THOUGHT THEY WEREN’T PAYING ATTENTION. And so what right? You WANT agents to look at your blog. Your blog will be so shiny and awesome you may have to beat off potential representation with a stick! Even if you haven’t finished that novel is say, five years. (I’m finishing one this weekend, but that is neither here nor there.)

If you think like this I have $1,845,337,942.83 USD in a bank account in Nigeria I’d love to split with you. Please wire me a small $10,000 processing fee and I’ll give you your money.

What? I will.

Ok, I’m lying.

The thing is they may just hate your blog title. While you would think that some bad titles would be common sense to avoid. “Searching for an Agent Continuously Since 1993” “why agents suck” and “QUERYHATER09” some might not seem so bad to the person writing it like for example my former blog “The Desperate Authoress”

When the first agent told me she thought it made me sound… what was she said “Unappealing.”? I thought, well I’ll just cross her off my query list right now, because obviously we just aren’t a good match. Then the second agent, commented in a e-mail where she declined to represent my full manuscript (an urban fantasy for MG) that she thought it was inappropriate sounding for someone who wrote children’s fiction I maybe cried. I like to think that it was because she rejected my full with one line of not loving it as much as she thought she was going to, and spending more time insulting my blog than talking about my book- but really misery is misery. I’d swore I’d never blog again.


The thing is, I am desperate. Desperate for time, quiet, MORE COFFEE. Maybe forty five minutes all to myself. I’m not desperate for an agent, or a book deal, or in general. Those things I am willing to work for, not just lust after.

The desperate authoress is dead. Long live Angela Write Now.

And since I am starting a new blog and have near none followers. I am going to have a little contest. I am going to give away an Amazon gift card. I will add .50 for each follower up to 200 followers or $100. Contest ends April 30th. To win, you must be a blog follower, and you must comment on at least one blog post. You can receive a new entry for every post you make a comment on, but only one per blog post.