Wednesday, May 11, 2011

So, what about that grand prize?

Remember how I said if you won a prize in my other contest (and even more contests TBA) you were entered to win THE GRAND PRIZE?

Well here it is:

DSC03272 DSC03274

I should really take a picture of me sporting mine. ‘Cuz it’s AWESOME! Now some back story. There are only 3 of the bad little birdies in existence. One for me, one for my number one, and the third one THE GRAND PRIZE. They are hand crafted by Patricia Lynne at AND best of all, on just like it makes an appearance in PIGMENTS OF MY IMAGINATION.

If you missed out, yesterday I posted a wave of new contests and they are just the beginning! You can catch them on the post below, as well as the first chapter of PIGMENTS.

1 comment :

Patricia Lynne said...

I took a nice shot of me wearing one after I made it and posted it on my blog. Pop over there to see how it hangs on a neck. =)

Thanks so much for having me do this Angela. It was a blast and I love how the pieces turned out.