Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Writing Process Demystified #3: To Tweet, or Not to Tweet? That is the Question.


If I am writing book, which is often, I am writing it longhand. My first draft is always done in legal pads and spiral notebooks, with the exception the the middle grade books I write; those are done in composition books.

None of them involve actual skulls (well maybe Skeleton Lake) or soliloquies.

I have been writing for more than half my life, at twenty seven I am very set in my ways.

The one really bad thing about that is I HATE typing my book when it’s done, mostly because when you have to transfer it you get in your first good edit. I read my book out loud as I type it and I pick up on awkward sentences and things that do not work at all.

Only sick people like editing.

There is a battle being waged by those who think the pen is mightier than Microsoft Word; but there is an even more epic controversy.

To tweet, or not to tweet, (while writing) that is the question.

Coming from the girl who tweeted her way through the 3 Day Novel Contest, I guess it’s easy to see what side of the fence I typically end up on. Typically, but not always.

I think you can always tell when I am tweeting and writing. Mostly because those tweets make little sense, and are often entirely random and not about writing at all.

It’s true I have managed to ability to write longhand and tweet at the same time. That is because I don’t have to be looking at the paper to form the letters, and I already wrote the sentence in my head so the words are just there—on the tips of my fingers.

But sometimes… sometimes I need a reason to slack off. Sometimes I am looking for that distraction.

I have experimented with programs like Write or Die, I ground myself from twitter, and even the ability to mess with my playlists if I don’t hit my goals. BUT what it really comes down to is your ability to tune out the distractions, to make yourself do whatever it takes. If you can’t teach yourself discipline your writing career with be fraught with uphill battles that lead to no where.  No amount of fancy gadgets or anything else will save you from yourself.


Alison DeLuca said...

So true, and I use the grounding method as well. Sometimes it's the only way.

S.P. Sipal said...

I love your comment - only sick people like editing. I HATE editing in the first, second, and probably third pass-throughs following the rough draft. After that, when it's more polishing than hacking away and slapping on mortar, then I start to love editing.

My biggest distraction from writing I cannot get rid of, nor do I want to -- my kids. :-) If I'm really into writing, and not just editing, I have to turn off all distractions, including Twitter.

Karen said...

Oh, you are so right!! Great post! :) I have learned that I really need to go offline and into a quiet, lonely room to write the best. You can understand the challenge in that sentence. #FourKidsInASmallHouse Yes, I just used a hash tag on a blog. #TwitterAddict

ali cross said...

Yep! That's why I treat my writing as a career NOW. I force myself to meet deadlines, to write every day, to be constantly moving forward.

And I love tweeting while I'm writing. It's not so much as a distraction for me as my own little cheer squad. :)