Thursday, September 1, 2011

The UPGRADER Blog Tour


I received UPGRADER for free in exchange for an honest Angela review. I rarely do these because I don’t like feeling obligated to be positive; but as this book was written by fellow NINJA Terry Tibke I made and exception. Lucky for both of us, I get to rate upgrader 4/5 REAL SUNS.


Angela WRITE Now doesn’t do false sunshine, and UPGRADER boasts some serious star power. Action MolBuses from the first page on, and there are never any lulls. I felt like I was reading the best bits of comic book—only better.

Dylan Kent is your average unassuming teenager. Not so average as to make him Clark Kent but average enough that you figure out early on he’s not a vampire or a werewolf, or anything extraordinary at all. Then that changes; and not by any of the usual means. There are no toxic waste dumps, or over turned semi trucks of radio active ooze in UPGRADER, but there is intriguing plot, and an epic fantasy world looming at the seam of our own dimension.

UPGRADER is not to be missed for the action alone! Pick up your paperback copy or Kindle edition then upgrade your experience over Terry’s blog where you can enter to win some awesome and unique prizes:


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