Thursday, November 17, 2011

Read THIS Before You Do Anything Else

Just some super quick notes!
1) Sara, who owns and mostly operates the publisher I am on, Red Iris Books, is away. So I can do whatever I want. Including being lazy and giving away a ton of ebooks. Not really... about the lazy part anyway. This weekend I have a serious personal writing deadline, so I will be giving away several kindle/nook copies of SKELETON LAKE at will. Please invite all of your friends that haven't read it. All the giveaways will happen on Twitter but I will be blogging times so check it out!

2) Don't forget about the AMAZING contest where you can win 3 hardback copies of some of the best November releases here:
Sweet November Release Prize Pack including: Shatter Me, The Pledge, & Crossed.

3) Did you know in the ebook version of SKELETON LAKE there is a Pigments of My Imagination excerpt? You should read it, because next week I will be asking questions about it, and giving away awesome Pigments prizes!


Unknown said...

Your publisher may read this, aren't you worried she'll scold you for slacking off? ;-) Have a great weekend. Hope you achieve your goal!

Angela Kulig said...

How do you know I don't get yelled at for slacking off already??

(Besides she doesn't have internet til Sunday and I plan on burying this before then!)

Anonymous said...

I thought it was all a marketing scheme.

Angela Kulig said...

HA, nope! She is really out of town.