Monday, January 30, 2012

The Day Angela Kulig Became Properly Disillusioned

I am not one to hate on people involved in traditional publishing. You know; agents, editors, writers, publishers--there are several reasons for that. 1.) We must always try to be professional 2.) I do interact with them many times in a professional environment. 3.) One day I hope to have a book for sale 75% off at the Walmart.

Oh these lofty, unobtainable goals.

That being said, this weekend I found myself PISSED OFF!

One of my favorite agents, the agent that up until this point I always thought would one day by MY agent. Said some really--what I consider--unprofessional things about self published writers. I have never self published any of my books--so, why should I take offense to this as I'm a real "indie" writer--whatever that is? I mean other than I have more self pub'd friends than I can shake an iPhone at; but the hypocrisy of it is outlandish.

It wasn't just the usual--I don't believe in self publishing blah blah. Oh no, it was a Self Published books are ranked lower than the gum I just scraped off the bottom of my shoe and far more irksome. What is even worse is this wasn't even in a work related context--she was complaining about stumbling upon them while shoping for books.

It is troubling that, as writers, we must always be professional. I see agents rag about people who didn't follow their guidelines, or offended them in some other way--by doing what is usually something very slight, every single day online. They talk about these people in rash, demeaning words--and I used to understand.

Only the double standard has become too much. If we say anything remotely negative about them we find ourselves painted as the jilted lover, and threatened with blacklisting. We are always in the wrong. Always. They are not held to the same standards.

I understand the need for agents. If everyone could do as good of a job as an agent--often times a whole agency, a team of editors, and an entire publishing company then they wouldn't have a fucking job. One day, I will look for one again. Only not this one. It doesn't matter that she has requested every single manuscript I ever queried. It doesn't matter that she requested revisions--and even rerevisions on two of my books.

All that matters is, I think she is a bit of a bitch and I don't think I'd like to work with her anyway.


Stephanie said...

WOW!! There are kinds of opinions out there int he topic, but for her to be so unprofessional is just wrong. Makes me wanna know who said it!!! LOL!!!

Angela Kulig said...

I know but that would make me MORE unprofessional and we can't have that.

Patricia Lynne said...

Wow. I wouldn't want to work with that agent either. The double standard that I've noticed agents have make me glad I decided to self publish. Yeah, you can think of them as gatekeepers but w/o writers they wouldn't have a job. Maybe some need to remember that before letting their panties get twisted up over something minor.

Maria Zannini said...

Now I really want to know who said it. I'm already angry with the agency model as a whole.

Today's post links to what I consider an unscrupulous act by certain agencies.

You can email me privately if you like. mariazannini AT gmail DOT com.

Kate Avery Ellison said...

This kind of behavior is ridiculous. I think how an agent treats/speaks about self-published authors is going to become part of the criteria I use to evaluate their desirableness when it comes to my career in the future--just like how a guy treats the waitress at a restaurant.

Sharper13x said...

Wow, Angela. If there was ever an agent code of conduct that justified being rude and condescending, there has still never been one that justified not knowing which way the wind was blowing. There will likley be fewer and fewer agents able to earn their living with fiction in the near future. The good news is that you figured out to stay away from this particular one. It doesn't sound like she has the vision it will take to make the transiition. Unprofessional is unprofessional no matter what the profession. Just my 2 cents.

Admin said...

That sounds wholly unprofessional. I've said it once and I'll say it again--this is not, and never has been, and indie versus trads battle. We are all in the same business. We should act like professionals and give everyone equal respect.

I'm sure people will catch on. Eventually.

Kelly Stone Gamble said...

That's really sad. I've read some self published books that I rank in my top twenty all time favorites, and I'm not a 'hack' reader, I know quality. Shame that she feels that way.

Alleged Author said...

Yikes! I'm guessing the agent's mind will change soon with big agencies even having some of their clients self-pubbing.

Anonymous said...

The so-called professionals in so many areas really don't like their toes being trodden on, even when they are not being trodden on.

Journalists tend to be extremely condescending about bloggers just because bad blogs exists. They completely ignore the fact that some of the most intelligent people around maintain a blog.

Can totally understand you annoyance with this.

Kellianne Sweeney said...

You know, no one should say that to anyone about anything. Especially publicly.Sounds like an insecure, unhappy person.