Saturday, July 21, 2012

Life Liberty & the Pursuit of Saturdays #1: Angela Kulig is Afraid of Her Own Horoscope

This is the first post in my new weekend blog series:
It amazes me how far away the new school year isn't. Granted, I've been quite busy creating new humans, finishing books, reading things--but still, I was actually surprised when the school supplies started cropping up at Target. Normally, I am a summer section STALKER. Inevitably, the pool chairs and water wings are replaced by glue sticks and enough boxes of crayons for everyone on the planet to have seven of 'em. It's 114 here in Las Vegas, and the summer can't be over soon enough, so I decided to start my Pursuit of Saturdays series early. Especially when I woke up and found something terrifying in my inbox!

I was still blurred eyed this morning at something like 4:45 AM. The three week old sleeps pretty well, so I didn't think it would be worth going back to sleep when I'd need to wake up around 6 anyway. I am perfectly aware that normal people don't check their email at that hour, but I don't know many of them, and that was when I discovered; my HOROSCOPE! There was definitely no going back to bed after that.

Here is what Rick Levin has to say:
Saturday, July 21st, 2012-- You better get to work if you have a deadline looming, whether it's imposed by outside circumstances or by your own desire for completion. Either way, it's crucial to stay on track today. These past weeks have been rather hectic, but now it's time to focus your intentions and apply your talents to what's right in front of you. Don't worry about next year; concentrate on the present moment and do your best.

So not only do I have a serious deadline, but the last few weeks have been INSANE (well duh I have a newborn) but even weirder is the bit where it says, "Don't worry about next year." BECAUSE I had planned to work on my post January 2013 schedule today. It is on dry erase board. I have my planner opened to that month.

It was so creepy, I had to start working right away. Of course, then I got distracted to the blog. In case you missed the scales, I am a Libra. Not only that but I am a very libra-ish Libra BUT I am a bit of an astrological anomaly. My horoscope usually reads like exactly what happened yesterday. Weird, now I am all anxiety ridden and blogging about it.

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