Monday, July 23, 2012

Somebody Has a Case of the Mondays

I've said this before, but writers should really be into this whole Monday thing. I mean, it's the one day a week where almost everyone on the planet feels as tortured as we always are on the inside. Instead there seems to be a lot of whine, moan, complain, coffee, rinse and repeat.

I mean, I get it. Once upon a time, I even liked Mondays. You would too, if Saturday and Sunday brought you two nine hour shifts of hell in local retail underworld. (GAP) But the thing is, editing is worse than Mondays. Editing is any day of the week and every day of the week. Can you guess what I'm doing right now?

I'm writing this blog! What did you think I was doing?

Seriously though, as I get Pigments of My Imagination ready for publication (by myself gasp, faint, sob!) I wonder what the statistics would look like for my life. It's something no writer wants to see. I am used to hearing shocking truths like the average person spends 40 years of their life sleeping, or the average adult spends twenty four months of their life in meetings. But editing? Well lets just say it's eating into my 40 years of hard earned sleep that is for sure.

By this weekend the first of the last of my beta readers will have their hands on Pigments and I am super excited about it. I just need to find one more, so if you dig finding and destroying commas send me a smoke signal!

Just to recap, Pigments of My Imagination is an eternal love story, (YA supernatural romance) and it's Monday.

Any questions?

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Patricia JL said...

I have a case of the Mondays. x_x Today can be over now, plzkthnxbai.