Sunday, August 12, 2012

END: An Apocalyptic Anthology $0.00 for Kindle

Just a quick update, as I have a very challenging blog scheduled for tomorrow-- END: An Apocalyptic Anthology; is currently free for Kindle. I didn't know of the sale in advance, or I would have warned you! Run and get it because I don't know when it's ending either. I feel sort of like this is somehow opening wounds I just stitched shut. My story in it called, A Starshot in Hell was what got me on Red Iris last year. I'm feeling nostalgic, so go download it then give me some love!

Here is the blurb about my piece:
Trapped on a dying Earth, Eden must decide to flee with a man she hardly knows or stand her ground as it crumbles below her feet .

Tell everyone you know, and then leave a comment ;)

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