Wednesday, September 12, 2012

See the book trailer PALOOZA, then get GREEN WITH ENVY

Pay no attention to this logo... it means secret things to special people and if you don't know I'm not supposed to tell you yet.

Just kidding! My friends and I have been working on it behind the scenes for a while now. GEP is what I think is probably the first ever publishing cooperative. It's a long story and there are many, many inside jokes involved but there will be a lot more details on this soon! I just realized it was on there so I thought I should probably bring it up.

The Skeleton Song now has it's own official book trailer! Look for the release annoucement soon!

To fit in with the incrowd, Skeleton Lake now has a new book trailer:


Jennifer said...

Hi Angela:

Did the Skeleton Song prequel that was to be available as a free ebook come out yet? There were some issues with Skeleton Lake and I was hoping that the prequel might clear at least some of them up. Thanks.

Angela Kulig said...

It is out soon! I got my rights back for Skeleton Lake last month and it's being re-edited and they will launch together likely for SL's one year birthday at the end of the month!

Jennifer said...

You're great !!! Thanks.