Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Free Books, Boy Books, and Books--Delayed

Ang here! Finally, making the announcement that Heroes & Vallenez is LIVE! Amazon took their sweet, sweet time on this one; it was "publishing" for 24 hours!

Just to recap here is the info from goodreads:
Victor Vallenez might not be a villain, but that doesn’t make him a saint. At age 16, Vic could be a career criminal, but instead he spends his time lurking in corners and telling other peoples' secrets—for a price. As a professional snitch, money is the only thing that talks more than he does. Still, as much as Vic hates to admit it, there are some things even blood money won’t buy—mainly Emily. So, when her chivalrous butthead of a boyfriend shows up and asks for his help, there is one very good reason he won’t turn him down—and that’s his angle.
And some personal notes, this is a middle grade novella. Basically Vallenez is a huge tease, and this is the setup for my new urban fantasy MG series about Barneby Knotts. Feel free to get attached to bad boy VV though, his novella series is slated for three titles.
Now, that giveaway I promised for Friday--early even! I am not planning a book tour. The truth is, I don't really like doing them as I don't like talking about myself; so I am trying to bribe you into talking about me! Stop giving me that look mom! This is how it is, you post my book info on your blog--you come back and link it here. You don't have to read it, you don't have to review it, you don't have to write a lengthy post about it--but if you want to that is great. (If you are a book reviewerer and would like a copy let me know)
What you absolutely need to have in your post is 1.)something about the book--i.e. the blurb, or that is is MG etc. 2.)the cover 3.)the link to Amazon
Do this anytime before March 13th, and add your linky and you could win. a $60 Amazon Giftcard. One winner void where you know it! (And don't forget you still have a few hours to enter to win a Kindle Fire)
To go with the H&V launch, The Skeleton Song is currently FREE on Amazon. It's only going to be free a hand full of days so get it now, and tell your friends!


WHERE IS POMI? You said the day was set in stone! I did, but then my laptop died and it took me a while to decide on the details of a new one and have it shipped to me; so we are a bit delayed. Don't yell at me--it's hardly enough of a delay to mention! Look for more on that soon.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Meet Lola, our new pet

This is our new Pet. Her full name is LOLA, 30% OFF. The first thing you need to know about Lola is, she's evil. The second thing you need to know is YES she was 30% off but that wasn't why I bought her exactly. Lola has not been handled a whole lot--so sometimes she hisses and bites (but it's really more like a pinch). You'd hiss and pinch too if you had to live in a glass box that was way too small for you. Lola is a Chameleon and she isn't supposed to live in glass--and she was returned once already so she was really to large for the place she was living. I had planned on buying an Iguana, but I became moderatly obsessed with the fact that the wrong sort of people might take Lola home--and that she'd end up being returned again. Trust me, she's much happier in my office in her large all mesh habitat, with real live plants, dripping water, and humidifier; and even though I HATE bugs. I managed to feed her a couple of crickets this morning before making the man take over.

I'm a good lizzard mom; but I can't help but thinking that LOLA, 30% OFF would make an awesome book title.

BTW, I uploaded Heroes & Vallenez; expecting to make the announcement about it being live tomorrow but for you adventurist types it will be up soon. Expect to have another giveaway for those who help me spread the word it starting Friday. Until then you still have a few more days to enter to win a Kindle Fire HD--HD because we had more than 500 entries! Thanks to you guys who helped me spread the word!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Angela Kulig GOES BIG! Refuses to home! Wants you to have this Kindle Fire...

It's Indie Author Month over on ALove4Lit! Which, considering the month I have planned, was pretty spectacular timing! Go check it out, I'll wait.

February 2013 has just twenty eight short cold days in it, but it shaping up to be one hot month! In January my friend and publishing co-op mate Larry Kollar released two books, The Accidental Sorcerers and The Crossover (I did the covers!) and now it's my turn! That is right, I have 2 books planned for release in indie Author Month; and so far Larry and I have joint custody of March.

Here is my approximate schedule. When it says Heroes and Vallenez is soon--it means soon! And the date of the POMI release? Yeah that is set it stone. I know you guys have been waiting and I'm sorry. (Bad author, go to your room!)

This is the biggest month I have ever had, so to celebrate I am going to have a giveaway of equal stature! So sit down, and get those twitter fingers of yours ready to go!

I am giving away a Kindle Fire...and if I get 500 entries, which since everyone has 24 chances to win should be cake; I am going to make that Kindle Fire a Kindle HD! And yeah there are ebooks too! You want this prize, and you want to tell everyone you know.

Because doing that earns you more chances to win. Now while you are thinking about that GLORIOUS giveaway let me clue you into another big freaking deal happening this month. On 2/15 I am having  G+ chat with friends and fans and if you want to win a Kindle, you should maybe plan on coming to that too. Just sayin' more on this soon ;) But I'd clear my schedule if I was you....

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I just lowered the price of SKELETON LAKE on Amazon to .99