Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Don't hit me, I'm sorry

2013 might be the year of the snake, but for me it's the year of the GIANT HAMSTER WHEEL. I'm running and running but I just can't get off. I had so many opportunities this year that just fizzled out. So in brief here is my list of Thanks & Regrets.

Margaret from A Love 4 Lit. Put up with my crap during Indie Author Month. I wanted to rock that! But my laptop died, and my posts went missing, and she didn't kill me when I couldn't make time to fish everything out of my dead computers guts. February 2013 was one of the most stressful months of my life. I was trying to replace me vehicle, the military expected my husband to work so many hours he was making roughly minimum wage, and I could not keep my family well. Despite all that; I was really glad I got the shot so thanks for being awesome M!

Larry Kollar, who holds my hand like every day. He does all the things I can't stand to make myself do with out complaining. He is my best book buddy, so I should probably stop reminding him he's old enough to be my dad. Especially since he seems to have more energy than I do recently!

My POOR husband; who has to put up with this craziness everyday. I am so far behind schedule that I ended up spending half of every day FREAKING OUT that I was so far behind--and as you can guess that didn't really help anything.

My daddy, who bought me Ruby. My father in law who bought and drove my Honda Odyssey from Houston to Las Vegas because they cost so much less there. My family is the best!

I'm sure I'm forgetting people, because I have been forgetting things all year. The good news is, things seem to be getting back to normal. It only took three months! Let's hope this is the last apology blog for 2013 at least.

AND GUESS WHAT? Pigments is headed to the editor this weekend, so I will have something new to freak out about.


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Glad everything is settling down. Hope it stays that way.

(Sorry you had to get the Robo-Anonymous comments above. I had to finally go back to secure words to weed them out.)

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Angela Kulig said...

Thanks Catherine, I think I am headed the same way. I get something like 1200 spam comments a DAY on old posts. It's been an epidemic recently!

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