Monday, April 8, 2013

This Cover's a Dandi! COVER REVEAL for Dandi Summer 2013 Release

So, funny story. I had the cover reveal for this book during February, Indie Author Month over on A Love 4 Lit. It went up, and then I never talked about it. I can't even recall if I ever told you guys I was writing it. But I did. We can all be shocked together! Dandi is a young adult contemporary romance. (SEE shocker!) Add it to your Goodreads TBR list here. Here's the blurbish:

Dandi’s not exactly a delicate flower, but she’s starting to feel the lawn closing in. She longs to run barefoot in the buttercups and clover but her daddy, Pastor Scott, thinks it’s high time for her to be settling down; and he’s got the perfect boy picked out. Nolan White is rich, compliant, and from a family who knows how to keep its secrets buried deep. Now there’s two problems with their potential match, and both of them seem to involve the sexy Rhett Wilder. Rhett, who is complicated enough all by himself, is the son of the town drunk, and grounds keeper to cemetery that makes up Dandi’s front yard.

You will be happy to know that Larry Kollar is about to pry Pigments of My Imagination out of my  ink stained fingers. After that, I think the books will be released in the following order:

Barneby Knotts I: Hire Yourself a Hero
Dust of the Dead Sea, The Hollows Series Book Two

And the year doesn't really slow down after that! I even have another cover real next week. See you then!

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