Wednesday, May 22, 2013


It's a loooonnnnggggg weekend, and you know what that means; I'm going to be writing a book! How is that different than any other time? Because I plan on finishing the book over said weekend, and you can too! If you have been stalking me on Twitter--and I mean, who ISN'T these days? *wink wink* you might have seen me chatting about organizing a little something something to help motivate others.  It has arrived! I feel like this is a bit late notice.

You might know this about me, but sometimes I like to procrastinate.

No, really.

Anyway, there are no official rules. There are no requirements. There aren't any prizes--except for bragging rights and a lot of smugness. You just have you to do your absolute best and tell everyone else about it. If you can't motivate yourself, motivate someone else. It's as easy as that, and these optional steps below:

Tell us your coming in the comments. Leave info on how to track to you down on the internets. Blog? Twitter handle?

I'll go first, this is my blog and you can find me on Twitter at @angelakulig

Snag the awesome badge below, then put it all over the internets! Facebook... webpages... etc.

 Angela Write Now
Copy this code to get the badge:
<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt=" Angela Write Now"/></a>
Make a goal! Stretch yourself.

I'd love to write 65,000 but that is a big goal, even for me. (I write all my first drafts by hand)

We're starting at 12:00 AM your time on Saturday 5.25. I for one, will be napping after dinner Friday night, just to ready myself--you don't have to. You can start whenever you want.

We're wrapping up this bad boy 11:59 Monday, but you can stop whenever your eyeballs start to bleed--unless you are into that (I am).

Don't forget to use the hash tag #MWWM if you are interested in running any sprinting sessions or other motivation whatevers LMK in the comments. Don't think you can't come if you can't stay the whole weekend--everyone can drop by whenever.


Unknown said...

Im Doing #MWWM 2013 @pooksadventures
Will be tweeting about my progress thought the weekend!

R.M. Hepler said...

Eh....what the hell. I'm in.

Poke me often I'm @randblacksquare

EJ Hobbs said...

eh, I'll go for it...going for 6-8k words...very big for me...finishing a story arch I started last year...