Monday, July 15, 2013

Who I am, and what I do.

I have lots of new friends, fans, and followers and I am super excited about every last one of you! I just have one problem, I can't keep up with everyone. I try to talk to everybody who talks to me, and I do pretty good with that goal--only I feel like a lot of new people don't really know who I am or what I do so I wanted to take a moment and go over that. Somewhere along the line, people maybe started to think all I did as social media! I mean, I am good at Twitter, but not that good!

In case you missed it, my name is Angela Kulig. I write books. I have written books since just before I turned thirteen. My first book was terrible, but I like to think I have gotten a lot better since then--45 books later. These days I write mostly young adult, and middle grade. That's the boring stuff.

Originally, I published with a small indie press. Though I was more successful than a lot of people in this business, we parted ways last year and  after that I founded a publishing co-op with Author Larry Kollar. In the co-op I handle mostly marketing and book covers--because besides writing books those are the things I am good at. That's the boring stuff of my bio.

I am releasing two books in the very near future, but I am super tired of talking about me already. I want to talk about you. Please take a minute and introduce yourself, old followers and new followers. I want to learn about you too!


Heather Jacobs said...
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Heather Jacobs said...

Hi! I'm Heather and I'm a writer. It's been 10 minutes since my last sentence.


Let's see what else. I've gone and lost my TARDIS, which I guess makes me a former time traveler.

Obviously I'm a Doctor Who fan, though I primarily write gritty dystopian thrillers. I just signed with Pandamoon Publisher for my debut novel, We the People.

Other than my writing I'm owned by adogable dog Titan. We like to spend our weekends catching up on new and old TV shows.

Well that about sums me up. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm Patricia (or Patty, but never Patti) Currently, I am eating nummy ice cream and trying not to melt from the heat. Michigan shouldn't this warm! Also, I'm taking a breather from never ending edits. I write YA but dabble in NA.