Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Personal Kind of Pain

Those of you who have followed me around on the internet for a while, know I rarely talk about my personal life. The first reason is, it gets kind of dull. For example, today I have already run the dishwasher three times!  The second reason is, it's personal.

So you might not know this, but my husband is in the Air Force. That presents some very interesting challenges for our life, being so far away from family (close to 1,000 miles) can be very difficult but it's worse when husband is gone--and as you read this blog he's leaving again.

On some level, you get used to it. Or, at the very least, you get used to going through the motions. However this time because of the shutdown we were jerked around a bit---we were told he wasn't going, then he was going again, then not going, then it might be canceled all together, then he was going again but they ran out of time, and now he's going again for real and hurts. It hurts so much more than it would have if I hadn't had to hope he wouldn't go.

Usually, I'd go through a mini grieving period. I'd read a book a day for week until I could live again, but this time I just don't feel like I have time to blink. In the world of book promotion pulling back for a week could mean you are as good as dead. While that might sound dramatic, it's true. So I will do my best to focus on that, and making sure the dishwasher gets filled.

I just wanted you to know.

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Anonymous said...

Ugh. Being yanked around like that always makes life tough. I hope the shutdown ends, so you can get that mass of stress out of your life.