Monday, October 7, 2013

HEROES & VALLENEZ is free on Kobo!

Vic Vallenez is awesome, and right now he is absolutely free for Kobo! Heroes & Vallenez is a novella introduction to the world of Barneby Knotts, that we will be exploring very soon. Of course if you wanted to pay for H&V he is just .99 on BN.COM and AMAZON.COM

Victor Vallenez might not be a villain, but that doesn’t make him a saint. At age 16, Vic could be a career criminal, but instead he spends his time lurking in corners and telling other peoples' secrets—for a price. As a professional snitch, money is the only thing that talks more than he does. Still, as much as Vic hates to admit it, there are some things even blood money won’t buy—mainly Emily. So, when her chivalrous butthead of a boyfriend shows up and asks for his help, there is one very good reason he won’t turn him down—and that’s his angle.

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