Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Green Tuesday Sale! Save the trees, buy ebooks! Author/Publisher sign up. #GREENTUESDAY

This is a tiny bit late because man, I have been running on coffee and Top Ramen for months and it has finally caught up with me.

So here is the deal, my friends and I at Green Envy Press have are starting the first annual, GREEN TUESDAY SALE. Save the tress, buy ebooks! And not just any ebooks, but .99 cent ones! As many as we can possibly get. Which between us is already TONS. We thought, sure, we could do this awesome sale with just us. But man, we'd rather have a party! So we're going to open the sale to any author/publisher who can meet the following requirements.

1)Must have .99 ebook(s ) [regular or sale priced] on or before 12/2 available on Amazon
2) Must have a Twitter account and must be willing to post a minimum of three times on various social networks about the sale. (i.e. 3 tweets, or one post each on G+, facebook, and Twitter--however you want.)
3) Must have a blog, and be willing to post the Green Tuesday button provided to you via sign up email from at least 11/18-12/3
4)Must post sale information the day of the sale on your blog. (12/3)
5)Must sign up before 11:59 PM 11/28 (Thanksgiving)


BONUS, nice things:
It would be nice, if you sign up before you could share this post on your own blog. The more people we have participate in the sale, the more people will hear about it. That means higher traffic, and more fun for everyone--authors and readers alike.

We are also going to be having some fabulous giveaways! If you would like to contribute swag, books, ebooks, cash (to buy cards), or gift cards to the cause click here. It's not required.

In addition to all the benefits there are from having a large ring of synchronized support; I will be throwing an all day Twitter party (and bringing 22k+ of my closest friends) all day Green Tuesday. You are invited to party too, use hashtag #greentuesday

Did I leave something out, or need clarification? Leave a comment or send me an email. 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Yesterday I got my first death threat... apparently this means I've made it.

On Tuesday, which is odd because it's always the Mondays--but on Tuesday something crazy happened. No, not the normal level of crazy you know and love me for.

Someone threatened to kill me, on Twitter. It would be on Twitter, because practically all my life is there these days, but! It freaked me out a little bit. I'm over it, but COME ON! Who gets death threats on Twitter?

Besides me, I mean. I thought I'd get them over the the end of Pigments of My Imagination--but the fanboys took the cliffhanger better than expected! Everyone was mostly nice--this wasn't from anything writing related.

I must still be freaked out, because there are a lot more exclamation points in this post than usual. I am not even sure this post is in English.