Thursday, December 19, 2013

COVER REVEAL! Coffin Nails & Other Beasts!

Whoa! I wish I could say December was a month of laziness--but alas, it only looks like I'm slow! I've baked over 200 cookies, I've song dozens of Christmas songs, and shopped for everyone on my list! I am done early, and that's good because now it's time for some bookish work!

First on the list, a cover reveal! Here is the new (and kind of creepy!) cover for my new anthology; Coffin Nails and Other Beasts.

I will be out soon. Until then, enjoy the introduction of it.

I was a strange child. In high school,  my clothing was mostly black, and mostly plastic. In the third grade,  I vowed that one day, I’d be an author. Oh so sweet innocence, if only I had known then what trouble that one little desire would bring me! It middle school I became obsessed with the idea of winning an obscure reading contest—that earned be a journal from the dollar store with gilt edges. I could have read Goosebumps or Babysitters club, but I read The Jungle Book first, and wrapped up my epic win with Moby Dick. Oh Ishmael my friend! You’re a freak, but so am I!

It would be nice to say my taste for the obscure ended in my childhood; instead I refined my individual preferences as an adult—well assuming of course I am an adult, to be honest I am not quite sure.

So Coffin Nails.

Perhaps you are like some and wonder, “Why that?” Why indeed! Well perhaps you understand the reference. The Christmas Carol by one amazing and legendary Charles Dickens is one of the most iconic and celebrated Christmas stories of all time—and it doesn't need my say so to make it true. Marley was dead to begin with. Dickens leaves no doubt of it, and he goes on to say he is deader than a doornail but then strays; something I am fond of doing myself! Dickens remarks that he doesn't believe that door nails are quite dead—he supposes that a coffin nail would be deader.

And I concur.

A Christmas Carol may have started my love of dark stories for the season, but nothing, not even my own book of them—seems to be able to end it.

Sign ups for the next ebook sale start tomorrow!