Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Thanks for a great sale!

I would like to spare a few moments to thank the readers, the writers, and the tweeters for making THE GREEN TUESDAY SALE a success. Today I'm feeling slightly hung over, 4 hours a sleep a night for two weeks will do that to you!

Just some house cleaning notes, I am trying to wrap up the editing on DUST OF THE DEAD SEA so it can be out to you guys soon. I know you have been waiting, I really need to stop injuring myself!

I also have a surprise Anthology out later this month. It's called Coffin Nails, and Other Deceased Beasts. It includes an excerpt of a novella out next year called BONE DEEP. It's a Hollows novella, and it's about Alex and Lena--told from Alex's POV immediately following the events of Skeleton Lake and during the events of DUST OF THE DEAD SEA.

In other boring, mundane news; I am migrating my newsletter soon. Look for new sign-ups in the next week or so--and a contest to go with that.

And above everything else, keep your eyes and tweets ready for information on the next sale coming 12/26! Forms will be up for participation soon. It runs until new years and is called THE STOCKING YOUR EREADER SALE.

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Sarah Allen said...

Congrats on a great sale :) Look forward to the upcoming one!

Sarah Allen
(From Sarah, With Joy)