Monday, January 13, 2014

A Note on Pigments of My Imagination & A Giveaway

When I first set out to write Pigments of My Imagination, I told those close to me it was like: The DaVinci Code for Twilight fans who are into art. It wasn't like I set out to write a book like that--because it sounds kind of awesome--and it also sounds kind of insane. Which, if you know me, is sort how I operate. Alas, that was just how the book came to me. Contrary to what some people might believe, I don't roll around in the dirt all day thinking of how I can bend (DESTROY) their favorite genres.

I know that, in the past, I have called POMI a supernatural romance, a paranormal romance, and an urban fantasy--the thing is, even I have a hard time lumping it into any category. It's all of those things and none of them. I have no idea what genre to say it is. When I say it's para romance I hear there aren't enough monsters! Or that they thought this was a love story! (It is!) When I say it's a thriller (It is!) I get scoffed at because it's a story of highschoolers in love! I could call it literary--but then no one would read it ;)

If you haven't read POMI--go into it like you're reading a thriller--like you are trying to unravel some great mystery and you might have missed half the clues. I swear to you they are all there, but I didn't leave you a trail of bread crumbs. You might not realize some things are important, you might have to look off the path.

I know some people are confused about POMI and I want to make it easier for you, but I don't want to squash the mystery. The people who get it--they really get it, and they really enjoy it.

I think the best example of this is one of my favorite book bloggers. He had an ARC of POMI and he comes back and says--he'd give it 3.5 stars maybe. I was devastated. I cried! I stopped writing. Not because I got a bad review! I understand I write books that aren't for everyone, but I also write books in genres that many people read--bad reviews come with the territory. Only I thought he would understand the book and I came THIS CLOSE to dismantling the whole thing.

My editor talked me out of it. Only I was still unsure.

On the day the review was posted, it took me a minute to talk myself into going to read it. Imagine my surprise when it wasn't a 3.5 star review at all! But instead, the best five star review I have ever received. I am going to post some of it here now, but you should go check out the whole thing on his blog which is awesome. HERE.

Pigments of My Imagination (from now on abbreviated as PoMI) is a book that I needed time to fully process, which, if you know my normal reviewing style, is pretty strange. You see, PoMI is unlike any book you’ve ever read. No really, if you can find me a book that is legitimately similar I’ll give you a cookie or something, but mostly I’ll just be very surprised. It’s original, so much so that I wasn’t sure how I felt about it, until now.

This is an echoing theme in many reviews, POMI is original. While I am far from brilliant, sometimes spectacular bolts of lightening strike my head while I am in bed at night pretending to sleep. There is also something else here, he felt different after he put the book down. I like to think of it as seeds that have been planted, give them some time to grow. Even people who said they disliked the book for various reasons have come to me and said they found themselves thinking of POMI days after finishing it--I can't possibly think I have failed in some way if I hear things like that.

PoMI is a seamless blend of artistic expression, beautiful writing, and a bittersweet romance. It has elements that I’m still not sure if I would categorize as science-fiction or fantasy, maybe it is a bit of both melded together. The book is mystery and suspense, friendship and the deepest of true love, and maybe above all, discovery of one’s self.

Hey, that's what I said!

Pigments of My Imagination is such a fitting title because as I read it I felt like I was in an artist’s dream, a fantasy of what the world might be like if all of the art forms in your head could become reality....

I think it would be best if you went into it, pretending you are reading a book--in paintings. In my opinion, he totally just nailed what I feel about the book. Forget you have read any other books, ever. Forget you know how stories should go. If you are putting together a puzzle, stop looking for corner pieces; they are inconsequential and shaped like bleeding hearts.

Seriously, just go read it. If you are a book blogger or poor student and would like to read it in exchange for a review I can probably arrange that. For that matter--I will mail a limited edition paperback to one person who comments here before the end of 1.18.14 Pacific Time. Contest is open worldwide (or anywhere USPS can ship)

Get Pigments of My Imagination on Kindle, Nook, or Kobo.

Also available in Limited Edition Paperback. It's a huge book--the size of an art book.


Anonymous said...

I've had a few reviewers state similar about the ending of my novel. Just the end though, not the whole book. Either way, it's awesome to hear that long after the book is put down, the person is still thinking about it.

rpfangirljr said...

Okay... You had me at Twlight fan who's into art. Very interesting premise. And what a great review! Congrats!

rpfangirljr said...

Okay... You had me at Twlight fan who's into art. Very interesting premise. And what a great review! Congrats!

Unknown said...

Honestly, because I'm a senior it took me a while to finish Pigments of my Imagination but during the first weekend of January I was like no I must finish this book and when I finished it I was like SERIOUSLY?! Because the book was so AMAZING and I can't believe it ended like that. My feelings were: asdfghjkl and I almost screamed and it was like 3am. Im totally so excited for the next book, because there will be a next book right? There must be! Anyways don't ever let bad review get in the way of the wonderful writing you do. I honestly loved the book because it was unique, you never think art would be involved with paranormal and fantasy book especially romance! LOVE LOVE LOVE THE BOOK!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

POMI sounds wonderful and can't wait to read it!

Bianca said...

Your story sounds really interesting, had my eye on it for a while. So why don't give it a try :)

Tabitha Michelle said...

It sounds like I need to give this book a try. I definitely will!

oxyborb said...

Entering your contest comment. I enjoy the stuff you post on social media, but I haven't read any of your stuff, yet. I'll probably review it if I win