Friday, May 2, 2014

Truck Stops and State Lines (I moved cross country)

This was almost the most boring blog post I have ever written. I packed up and left Las Vegas--I moved cross country, and I made the whole thing sound boring and dreadful--I mean, a lot of it was dreadful; but not because it was DULL. I had mishaps worthy of any middle grade adventure novel, I was the kind of terrified reserved for just before the epic cliffhanger in the best kind of suspense novels...

Only I didn't write any of that down, instead I turned to fiction. It's like to wrong sort of therapy, and I know lots of authors are into it. When life is tough, live outside it. Readers do that too. So I am not too upset that I've ended the book of my life in Las Vegas, because it's only the first in an EPIC multi-book series. I'm only just getting started, and I am honored you are around to see me through it.

The thing about writing books is, it's not often book goes from pen to print in a hurry--and you guys haven't even gotten to see any of the novels inspired by, or set in Las Vegas. I touched the area briefly in Coffin Nails & Other Beasts
but all my novels and novellas were inspired by places I lived before I ever even moved to Las Vegas six years ago.

Right now I am not blogging from truck stops or State Lines. I worried my way through those, and there were many.  Still those ragged places and stresses will live in inspiration for years to come. So now I'm home, home for the next few years anyway; and then it will be time to pack up and move to the next adventure.

Right now, I'm writing on a folding car table in a me-made cubical of unpacked boxes. I thought it would inspire me to unpack them--but that hasn't worked out so far.


Larry Kollar said...

You should have titled your post "Leaving Las Vegas."

That card table will get pretty comfortable, until you're trying to hand-write something on it and it begins wiggling, making you and your handwriting develop motion sickness.

Patricia Lynne aka Patricia Josephine said...

Ugh, moving. I've spent the past few years moving due to hubby's college then job. Next week, we are moving to a bigger apartment. Always glad when moving is over.