Sunday, September 28, 2014

25,000 Twitter Giveaway is OVER, did you win?

The giveaway has ended, and all the winners have been sent emails. If your name matches a name on my list and you did not get an email, check your spam folder. Some of the names are common or abbreviated, all winners will have an email with instructions. If I don't hear back in a couple of days I will re-send and then start a witch hunt!

If there is a check mark by the name it means I have already gotten your info. This list was last updated at roughly 12:00 AM Central time, so if you emailed me after that it has not been updated. I have scheduled the post to go live at 6:00 AM Central and will update it again after breakfast.

List last updated at 11:15 Central Time
List updated at 8AM Central Time 9/29 (highlighting means I am missing your info)

Grand Prize Winner (Kindle, Case, etc):
Johnathon B. 

These people each one a Syringe Pen Pack:
Nicole B
Anna W 
PM Hernandez
Mikel D 
Heidi B 

These people each one a I'M NOT AFRAID OF THE DARK wristband:
Jessica L 
TR Carrell 
Barbara S 
Sheena N 
Hanna T
Amy M 
Danielle P
Shannon L
Patty B 
Samantha W

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Book Boyfriends Month Continues with LEO from Pigments of My Imagination

Book Boyfriend Month continues on the blog! This time with dear Leonardo (Leo) from Pigments of My Imagination. Leo is an artist, with every fiber of his being. He thinks in shades of colors most people don't know exist, and he loves Lucia more than he loves his own life in every single existence, but this time something has gone seriously wrong.

And the wrongness was only the beginning

Leo is essentially a very good boyfriend, husband, partner in eternal existence; but circumstance has kind of made him something of a control freak. That's not really a character flaw, in his case it's not who he is, but what has been done to him. Leo fights hard to put things back as the always have been, because that's what he knows. Only Lucia has put into motion things neither of them can really comprehend until it's too late. They are playing a game, and they have been since the very first lifetime.

In Pigments of My Imagination, to love, might be the only reason any of them are alive.

Get the book reviewers have said is unlike anything else, on sale for .99 THIS WEEKEND ONLY.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Better Together! Skeleton Lake & The Skeleton Song eBox Set SALE $1.88

People always want to know, what order to read Skeleton Lake and the prequel The Skeleton Song--hardcore fans of the series do not agree. I used to prefer them read in the order they were written, but I am no longer even sure of that.

But the best answer? The best answer is, they are best TOGETHER! Get both books and bonus content in sweet little eBox for the scary (in a good way) price of $1.88

Only need one or the other? Get Skeleton Lake here for .99. 

Get The Skeleton Song here for .99

Want to know more about The Hollows series in general? It's a dark YA Paranormal Romance.
Read about the book boyfriends in The Hollows series Book Boyfriends Month Post.

Have you read the books? Have you got them loaded up on a Kindle App somewhere? Let me know in the comments! There is maybe a really, really cool giveaway coming up for people who have reviewed the the book. No, it doesn't matter how long ago you did it either--years or days. Here is a teaser...

 Looking for the current giveaway? The 25,000 Twitter Follower Giveaway is on until 9/27 Midnight
You could win a Kindle Paperwhite, Custom Case, or tons of other prizes.

Friday, September 19, 2014

BOOK BOYFRIEND MONTH: The Boyfriends of Skeleton Lake (Raiden, Conrad, and Alex)

Skeleton Lake is on sale for .99, and Book Boyfriend month continues with the boys from The Hollows Series. Skeleton Lake is a dark YA paranormal romance. Yes, they are Skeletons. No, that's not gross. I assure you, it's probably not like you're thinking. There are many boys and men in Skeleton Lake--they're all husbands, boyfriends, or love interests; but I'm only going to talk about the three main boys today.

Looking for the Epic 25,000 Follower Giveaway? Click here.

Conrad is a broken heart wrapped in a bit of broken flesh. Some of his holes are obvious, some of them he was born with, and even more holes were caused by the repetitive wounding of those he is forced to live around. Conrad, unlike the other boys, was born at Skeleton Lake. As as a result, he lacks the ability to really exist in the normal human world. For Conrad being stubborn could be considered a positive attribute. Over-compensating is a way of life.

But it he does have some fantastic qualities too. Conrad is easily the most forgiving of all the boys at Skeleton Lake. Not that he can't hold a grudge right along with the rest of them, just that he lets go before everyone else. Even if he doesn't show it. Sometimes he's an ass because everyone expects him to be an ass. He is the best and worst sort of underdog, and I know many fangirls who have bled right along with him every time he's hurt.

Then there is Alex. Alex is Lena's boyfriend--soul mate--enough. Alex is a lot of people's favorites because he's like an amazing boyfriend when so many of the others fail miserably. He's not controlling and he doesn't need to be. Lena already gets the lifestyle and doesn't struggle against it like Marlow does, and like Cassie did before her. Alex is totally bossed around by a tiny blond and he is really, really, alright with that. Alex is supportive, sensible, and totally swoon worthy. He's a good friend, a good person, but he's totally going to hell. Nothing, I did not say that.

Lastly.... well... OK, I don't even know how to talk about Raiden without divulging major plot points. The thing is, Raiden is just as broken as Conrad but people pretend he isn't. Which is hard for him. He doesn't like being pitied, but no one really has any idea what to do with him. When Marlow is--dropped--into his life he's not ready for it and neither is anyone else. He really needs to grieve, but he's not really allowed to. He really needs space, when there is none to be found. Raiden doesn't have obvious holes--he has fault lines a mile wide and getting deeper by the day. I think the key to understanding Raiden is understanding how people grieve. Also, Raiden is the blond one.

I recently had someone write in a review say they didn't even know what the characters looked like. I thought that was kind of sad because it's there, It might not be together in one neat block of text--conveniently laid out in front of a mirror to make it easy on you--but if you will look there is far more than eye and hair color, more than angles and lips.

But the lips are kind of important.

Want more of the Skeletons? You can Also get the prequel to Skeleton Lake--the reason Raiden was broken to begin with--The Skeleton Song, on sale for .99 as well. OR get both books in a ebox set for $1.88 on Kindle

Monday, September 15, 2014


Why say anything? This is my EPIC 25,000 Twitter Follower Giveaway. I could ramble on, and cry or something--but you're awesome, let's party!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Twitter Themed Weekend Giveaway!

I have been running some strange giveaways as of late... and it's not getting any less weird here on Angela Kulig DOT COM.


This weekend, as a but of a prequel to my upcoming 25,000 EPIC TWITTER FOLLOWER giveaway, I am going to have a couple of people win some awesome TWITTER THEMED notebooks.

Shakespeare never tweeted a sonnet, but he never wore deoderent either. Invention is good. Embrace the Twitterverse for your chance to win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

M Patterson won my last giveaway. His favorite part was the GIANT highlighter... My favorite part was the sound machine...because what author/freak doesn't want to give themselves a round of applause?

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

I Still Sleep with the Light On

I still sleep with the light on. NO, it's not a metaphor.

It's not the dark that scares me. The blackness on the underside of my eyelids is worse than a moonless Halloween night an infinitely longer. What I'm afraid of is something much, much, worse. Because what I'm afraid of, is myself--what I might think up in the emptiness of a night with out the sun, or stars, or light bulbs

Spoiler Alert! I'm not exactly normal. Normal people don't write books about skeletons. Beautiful but horrible creatures. Sometimes they are nothing more than bags of brightly cover bones, all held together with bits of weak and stringy flesh. 

Or something

These are those books. These are my fears in blood and ink.

Normal people, don't write horror, thriller, paranormal--weird books for Christmas, or anytime.

Even when you think I have written a normal book--you should probably know, I don't write normal books. So, fair warning for all my  other books that aren't listed here. Just because they aren't about skeletons, doesn't mean they aren't about skeletons. 

Normal isn't breathing the life into villains with every bump in the night. Normal isn't terrible claws in darkened corners. Normal is never going to be me--but I wouldn't have much of a career if I was normal and I am totally OK with that.

This is one of those things you never think you will admit on the internet...where it will live forever and ever. But I had been thinking about for the passed couple of nights when I was sleeping alone and then last night...last night I sat in front of an open graphics editor and made the sign. The sign that says, I am not afraid of the dark. 

A lie that is very much the truth.

Friday, September 5, 2014

My Weekend is BOOKED!

Last weekend was the 3 Day Novel Contest, and I have not stopped since then. I was seriously looking forward to vegging out this weekend, I planned to read a book or three. I planned to go bra-less and eat sushi for breakfast. I planned a fabulous--low stress--stay-cation for myself. One that involved the minions being watched by their father so I could recover the good old fashioned way, with lots of ice cream.

But of course, the universe ate my soul! The Air Force is taking sexy pants away from me for a week so I suppose my weekend is booked in a different way.

And since I have to put on a bra, I guess I can write a few words. Still, I'm curious.

Let's say, the stars aligned and you could spend a whole weekend reading however, wherever, you want. A cafe' in Paris, a springtime river bank, BED? Where would it be?

For me there would be plush chase lounges, incense, candles, plus absolute quiet. I don't get enough of that these days.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Let's get real about fictional romance for a minute.

What are the kind's of guys girls like in books? There is a spectrum I think. Good boys, bad boys, but far fewer in between. The boys from my books tend to send the meter reeling back and forth. That's because I tend to write about people with massive character flaws.

But trust me, that's not a choice.

My characters come to me full formed, flaws more vivid that clothes. Having flaws, doesn't mean they are bad people--though some of them are--having flaws makes them more real. I don't like book boyfriends that are too perfect. Perfection doesn't exist in people, not really. So it shouldn't exist in fiction because fiction mirrors real life.

Many people have checked out the the excerpts for my upcoming New Adult Romance 23 1/2 Hours to Live--which is awesome. Jack Claret has been my absolute all time favorite book boyfriend to write about. His books aren't supernatural, or paranormal, his situations could happen to any of us (if we were so lucky!) and that I think makes him the most real. He's so fun, and he's also a writer--and most of us are insane. Jack Claret is not an exception to this rule, and I can't wait until you can read every single one of his flaws.

If you haven't Excerpt One is here:
Excerpt Two is here:

In honor of Jack Claret, and 23 1/2 Hours to Live coming out at the end of the month--September is Book Boyfriend month here on Stay tuned for awesome posts about every book boyfriend I have written--and some I haven't.

And seriously? Who is your fave book boyfriend? I'm curious!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Vote for SNAPSHOTS in Cover Wars!

Angela is letting me commandeer her blog today, for which I am very grateful. It is the utmost importance that I get the word out. The very fate of the universe hangs in the balance!

...Okay, the fate of the universe doesn't hang in the balance, at least, not for most of the world. It does, however, for my book, Snapshots, which is competing in not one, but two cover wars. And Cyclop, the main character of the story, needs YOUR vote. I mean, just look at the cover!

Isn't it gorgeous? Or creepy if you back up and look from afar, but trust me, that's the point. Cyc isn't your average guy after all.

Also, is that a tear in the corner of Cyc's eye? Is he sad you're considering not voting for him? Has he foreseen it in your future? QUICK! There is no time to waste, go vote for him. Only you can change the future. His fate is in your hands.

Voting at Author Shouts ends Saturday. If Cyc wins, then he competes again. (Also, if you don't see the images, AdBlock is blocking them and you have to allow ads for that page.)

Over at Page Curl, the first round of voting ends Saturday. Don't let Cyc be eliminated in the first round! Think of the tear in his eye. Don't make him cry, he'll be embarrassed (gang members don't cry.) In fact, if you want to make him happy, why not pop over to Amazon and buy Snapshots for less than a buck. Of on Nook if that's your poison.

**Angela Here! There are some great book covers in the coverwar--sadly there are also some really bad ones. Friends don't let awful book covers win! Pick a pretty awesome one! Snapshots looks great!***