Friday, September 5, 2014

My Weekend is BOOKED!

Last weekend was the 3 Day Novel Contest, and I have not stopped since then. I was seriously looking forward to vegging out this weekend, I planned to read a book or three. I planned to go bra-less and eat sushi for breakfast. I planned a fabulous--low stress--stay-cation for myself. One that involved the minions being watched by their father so I could recover the good old fashioned way, with lots of ice cream.

But of course, the universe ate my soul! The Air Force is taking sexy pants away from me for a week so I suppose my weekend is booked in a different way.

And since I have to put on a bra, I guess I can write a few words. Still, I'm curious.

Let's say, the stars aligned and you could spend a whole weekend reading however, wherever, you want. A cafe' in Paris, a springtime river bank, BED? Where would it be?

For me there would be plush chase lounges, incense, candles, plus absolute quiet. I don't get enough of that these days.


lostbraincell said...

Outside on my patio in the perfect temperatures of 60s laying on a comfy lounger were I can spread out and my dog can lay with me!

Unknown said...

I get so much reading done on beach vacations. Sadly, not at the beach but on the couch at the rental house, in the air conditioning, with a fridge full of snacks and drinks and the promise of a nice dinner out later. So my dream reading weekend would be all of that...minus Mr. Rider complaining that I came all the way to the beach to sit inside and read. (I don't want to get rid of Mr. Rider. I just want to shove a book in his hands and say, "Shut up and enjoy it.") But I'll also take reading at home too, especially on a sunny day where I can lounge on the deck swing. The living room is less comfortable since we "grew up" and got "real furniture" and I don't have the super-comfy piece-of-crap-chair-that-smelled-like-wet-dog to read in anymore...but I can still manage. You only notice how uncomfortable you are until you get sucked into the book anyway.

Anonymous said...

Actually, starting Saturday afternoon, I'm having a little staycation. I'll let you know how it went. ;)

Larry Kollar said...

A hammock on a spring or fall day. It's 75F, sunny and breezy. I have plenty of beverages chillin' in a cooler within easy reach. The Boy has Mason for the weekend, the daughter is visiting her boyfriend, the wife is on a church-lady retreat or something, and I've turned my phone OFF so my nutty one-legged sister in law can't call me wanting random crap.

Unknown said...

Ha. The nutty one-legged sister in law trumps the wet-dog-smelling reading chair.

Anonymous said...

At a cool, clear lake with the breeze whispering through the pines and a very comfortable lawn chair :)
But I'll have to settle for my recliner, in front of the AC, and a glass of iced tea. I'm a writer, I'll just pretend.