Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Let's get real about fictional romance for a minute.

What are the kind's of guys girls like in books? There is a spectrum I think. Good boys, bad boys, but far fewer in between. The boys from my books tend to send the meter reeling back and forth. That's because I tend to write about people with massive character flaws.

But trust me, that's not a choice.

My characters come to me full formed, flaws more vivid that clothes. Having flaws, doesn't mean they are bad people--though some of them are--having flaws makes them more real. I don't like book boyfriends that are too perfect. Perfection doesn't exist in people, not really. So it shouldn't exist in fiction because fiction mirrors real life.

Many people have checked out the the excerpts for my upcoming New Adult Romance 23 1/2 Hours to Live--which is awesome. Jack Claret has been my absolute all time favorite book boyfriend to write about. His books aren't supernatural, or paranormal, his situations could happen to any of us (if we were so lucky!) and that I think makes him the most real. He's so fun, and he's also a writer--and most of us are insane. Jack Claret is not an exception to this rule, and I can't wait until you can read every single one of his flaws.

If you haven't Excerpt One is here: http://bit.ly/1oT6bof
Excerpt Two is here: http://bit.ly/1AOj5GR

In honor of Jack Claret, and 23 1/2 Hours to Live coming out at the end of the month--September is Book Boyfriend month here on angelakulig.com. Stay tuned for awesome posts about every book boyfriend I have written--and some I haven't.

And seriously? Who is your fave book boyfriend? I'm curious!

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