Saturday, January 3, 2015

The Stocking Your E-Mail Sale Prize Winners

Congrats to the Winners of the Stocking Your E-Reader Sale! I am about to send e-mails to all of you, but if you think any of these awesome things belong to you according to the names and e-mail addresses and have not gotten an e-mail please let me know, using the contact me section!

Make sure you check out some of the awesome sponsors who helped make the sale a bit more merry.


Xio Axelrod | Benita Pearse | Steven Trae Lauder | Frank Freudberg

Michael Burnside | J.B. Markes |  Linn Schwab | Larry Kollar

Winner of the Kindle Fire & Amazon Gift Card

McKenna A.   mcch******@g****,com 
She downloaded a .99 ebook

Winner of the Amazon Gift Card for $25 

Lauren S,    lala******@y****.com

She downloaded a free ebook

Winner of the 6 Sale ebooks of your choice  

M Andrew P.     mrd*****@g****.com
Downloaded a .99 ebook

Winner of the 3 Sale ebooks of your choice  

Stormi J.   book********@g***.com

Left a Blog Comment

Winner of the 2 Sale ebooks of your choice

Ashley L    n0l***@a**.com

Downloaded a Free ebook

THANK YOU to everyone who participated, everyone who looked, downloaded, bought, entered, and shared. Seriously guys, none of this happens without all of you. 


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