Friday, March 6, 2015

Spring for it... before it's too late!

Pigments of My Imagination, which until last week when Skeleton Lake passed it (again), was my best selling novel, is about to become Amazon exclusive. Not forever, just for three months starting next week. So if you want to get it on Kobo, or Nook, you better get it before the end of Sunday 3/8!'

Pigments of My Imagination has a 4.2 Star Rating on Amazon. Check out some of the reviews.

Pigments of my Imagination by Angela Kulig is a surrealistic coming-of-age novel centered on the exploits of Lucia, a new student at the Bayside Art Academy in East Texas. Wandering the halls of her new place of learning, she discovers a unique and mysterious group of prodigies who hold an irresistible attraction for her. Making the acquaintance of Ripley, she is introduced to Leo, a wunderkind who she feels particularly fascinated by. A sense of déjà vu makes her feel as if they had met somewhere before, setting the conflict into motion in Kulig’s romantic novel.

The theme of reincarnation resonates throughout the plot as Leo and Ripley bring the subject up in conversation, theorizing about how a group of ‘enlightened individuals’ might predict the rebirth of one of their kind. It sets up an epiphany for Lucia as it anticipates her discovery that her arrival at the Academy and her friendship is no mere coincidence. The element of kinship is also integral to the author’s tale as Lucia finds herself amidst a rivalry between the Painters and the Deceivers, as the enigmatic Mr. Garcia watches and waits to see how Lucia’s choices and allegiances will affect her life journey.

Kulig’s narrative is an interesting blend of literary concepts, including adolescent bonding and the rite of passage which is flavored by the supernatural manipulations and intrigue. Characters such as William Blake and Oliver Buchanan give us a blend of the old and new, the world of classicism merging with the metaphysical in an entertaining storyline. Pigments of my Imagination by Angela Kulig is one definitely worth checking out. 


I received the book and within a day and a half I had it read. I was so into Lucia and Leo, I could almost really feel their energy. I feel almost a little bad for reading it so fast because I did ignore my son...........but in my defense he was ignoring me while playing on his Leappad :-) Either way, amazing story line and I can not WAIT until the next book is released! So think this should be a movie series.........


"Pigments of My Imagination" isn't your average novel with an obvious plot and a straightforward concept, rather it is a refreshingly original story with fluid storytelling that sucks you in and takes you on a compelling ride filled with twists and turns. Angela Kulig does a wonderful job of engaging the reader with a vivid writing style that really does paint each scene with a fine-tipped brush; it's sharp, lush, descriptive, emotional, non-linear and fantastically addictive. Lucia's story (and life) is unusual and captivating in it's complexity, as she tries to unravel the mysteries surround her life and the school she attends. Ms. Kulig has a gift for storytelling that just charms and entertains the reader, creating a sharply woven tale that jumps from emotional drama with action-packed science fiction to introspective fantasy and more. Overall, this was a vivid and wholly original novel that was well worth the read; I would recommend it to anyone looking for a compelling and well-written science fiction/fantasy novel to sink their teeth into.

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