Wednesday, March 1, 2017

I tell stories, it's kind of my thing.

I was supposed to release a book last month. In February, and somehow it's March, and I have to feel bad about it even though I don't want to. I am often guilty of sitting down to accomplish three pages of to do lists only to stare at Twitter with wide eyes and wait for it to do a trick. 

I know this about myself. I've spent a lifetime working my way around it to great success. Coping mechanisms? I've got 'em. 

So imagine my surprise, when I got thrown off when I started accomplishing too much. It's like saying you're going to read one more chapter before bed and then not stopping until you read the whole series. It's one more brick, one more book, one more  scheme I'll talk myself out of in the morning. It was whole weeks like that, until I was both desperately behind schedule and also hell-must-have-just-frozen-over because I was so ahead of schedule. 

Yes, it is possible to be both those things. I swear, I don't work at being contrary. (At least not since 2005) so here's the deal. I know you're all waiting and waiting for the next book in the Hollows Series and it's going to be out soon. In fact, I am working on getting the preorder up today. It's really coming out, really soon. But so are some other books. 

At one very scary point last month I was wrapping up five different books, at the same time. I didn't go to bed before three in the morning for six weeks, and when I broke that streak it was when I decided to go to bed early-as in one thirty. Life didn't let me sleep in, life didn't let me let up. 

So the good news is, I'm not dead. The bad news is, I need just a little longer to sort through the business. Trust me when I say this is actually really, really, awesome.