Friday, February 1, 2019

I ❤️ YA Scavenger Hunt Stop #10

Welcome to my tour stop on the I ️ YA Scavenger Hunt, sponsored by the authors of Cursed Lands!

All the hunt rules are on the main website: But a quick reminder: Find the secret word in BOLD in my blog post below and string it together with the words from all the other hunt stops to win the grand prize $100 Amazon Gift card!   BTW We're also hosting another giveaway, so make sure you read all the way to the bottom of my post for your chance to win!

Salem 2317 is the first book in a brand new Dystopian Series by myself and Taylor Haiden; here's the blurb:

Nineteen-year-old Arwyn Blake has two jobs: kill the last non-magical nomads who dare call Salem home, and continue her bloodline by marrying a man she hates. 

It's said that those without power are a poison upon the land,  but the beliefs of her centuries-old coven are based on a lie. 

It should have been an easy hunt, but when Arwyn spares the life of a pale-eyed rebel, she unearths a secret that changes everything.

Salem in 2317 is an interesting place. One of my favorite things in the series, is the location. I actually built the entire city around one house, and when I pitched the idea to my co-author here's how I described it:

"The architecture is unique. Imagine if someone tried to put together old style (17th Century) Salem Witch Houses with more modern angles and a dash of Tim Burton. Everything is gray and black. The streets of made of tar, with cobblestone around city buildings-which are made in the same style as the houses."

The house I modeled the city after:
Salem 2317 is different than every other witch story you've read, and you can only get it in Cursed Lands this summer. Preorder Your Copy today, and continue the scavenger hunt with code-phrase:


And here's a really awesome giveaway to put you in a witchy mode: