Friday, May 20, 2022

Throne in the Sky is here!

To the surprise of no one, I am very late getting this information out! Throne in the Sky is now available essentially everywhere you can get your eBooks! Reviews have been fantastic so far from early readers and I know you are going to love it!

Here's the blurb: 

To continue the royal bloodline, the Fae King that rules over the City in the Clouds must pick a consort.

Human, pixie, hell-sprite, seventeen-year-old Jewel assumes the king will pick the prettiest, shallowest, one of the lot, but the longer she stays in the competition to find the Culled Queen, the closer she comes to working off the debts of her family. The debts that keep them enslaved and improvised, the debts that lead to her mother’s death, and her brutally failed romance. The debt of being human. 

Jewel doesn’t think she’s still capable of believing in love, but she knows hunger and darkness firsthand, so when the king’s attention turns her direction, she toys with the idea of keeping it—until the moment it slips from her fingers.

Book two comes out in a few short weeks, so pick up your copy today! I use Books2Read links—Books2Read will take you to a page to select your fave bookstore (if you haven't already) and from there you can see Throne in the Sky where you are already used to buying books!


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