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Be Our Book Valentine

Updated: Feb 13

Let me introduce you to your new book boyfriend!

Looking for a new fantasy read with romance? We've got you covered. Don't brave the mile-long wait list to go out; stay at home with a good book. At time of publication, all of these ebooks were just .99 or less. Do verify pricing, as Amazon is a fickle lover and likes to change them on us quickly.

As a reminder, I use the Amazon Affiliate program, which allows us to earn a small commission when you purchase something from one of our links. As you undoubtedly notice, these links are all mine and my friend's books. Pretty much all we do is books here.

Speaking of books, there's also a fantastic book-lover-themed giveaway at the bottom of this list.

Featured Reads

More great books to love!

Amazing value sets!

And check out the amazing giveaway!

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