Sunday, September 18, 2011

Angela Kulig DARKSIDE + Book Release Schedule

From now until Halloween, you will be privy to Angela Kulig DARKSIDE. So what exactly is that? Well, many moons ago when I began to write young adult books I joked about needing two aliases. Angela Kulig—and a made up name to call myself when I wrote dark books.

After devoting obscene amounts of time and energy building my online personality I decided it would likely never be worth it. I

Tomorrow I am announcing that I have joined forces with a start up publisher, and laying out my first book with them--but as promised I am showing my book release schedule for the end of the year. The book I am announcing tomorrow is blacked out *wink wink*

Angela Kulig DARKSIDE is for all my dark paranormal books. I do not write true horror.

October 21, 2011

November 11, 2011

December 1, 2011

December 21, 2011
END (Anthology)

January 2, 2012

Thursday, September 15, 2011

It’s Official. You Can Now Add PIGMENTS OF MY IMAGINATION on

Good! Because Mel M. was going to drive me insane about it. Pigments of My Imagination comes out 11-11-11 as part of the DARK C.A.R.M.A. Tour which I will be talking about extensively as soon as there are fancy blog buttons to go along with it.

But until then add me:


I guess I could be persuaded to give something awesome away if enough people add it this week. Hint hint.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Remember Me? PIGMENTS OF MY IMAGINATION, (confirmed release date)


I hope so, because I just agreed to publish it 11-11-11 in a collaborative effort called the Dark. C.A.R.M.A tour—but more on that soon.

Pigments of My Imagination, is a YA semi-supernatural romance. You can read the first chapter for free here:

Pigments of My Imagination First Chapter

Because this week is all about me leaving you in horrible suspense, I have a few other things I’d like to bring up. SKELETON LAKE, BARNEBY KNOTTS, HEROES & VALLENEZ, and a publisher that is not Angela Kulig INK Inc—or whatever awful name I would have come up with f if I had decided to become a publisher myself.

Squirming yet? Did you know, that Pigments of My Imagination is not going to be my first release? Bet that got your attention, but I can’t talk about it until I have permission! I will however, give you a little hint.

Just in time for Halloween,

this book rattles and shakes,

it makes you scream!

Though it boasts a many beasts,

there are no vampires, wolves,

or girls caught in between.

Yes it’s best you do not linger,

for this body will beget more

than unearthly pruney fingers.

A watery grave signals the end,

but that’s where this book

has to begin.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Don’t get SCORNED! Read Excerpt HERE NOW!

So how bad is my three day novel contest entry? Well, probably not any worse than most of the books written in 3 days.

After checking with Mellissa over at 3DNC to make sure I wouldn’t get DQ over sharing a few paragraphs, I have decided I will share the first 200 words in honor of my 200 blog followers.

This book has not been edited, in anyway shape or form. I did not even reread these words after they were typed. I can not guarantee these words are good words, or even ENGLISH words. I would imagine there are even words that are missing, but I wanted to share these with my friends who struggle with writing books—to prove that great books don’t have to be great in the first drafts—or second drafts—or third drafts--



Prick. Blood ran down my ankle in thick straight chutes. Not noticing, and definitely not caring, I swatted at the thorny vines that threatened to ensnare me as if they were flies, and nothing more.

Only they were more— they were damaging, even damning, the only beasts left in the garden to witness my final scene. Tendrils as broad as ropes stuck to my clothes and tore further at my skin as I ran. Flames burned everything else to cinder below my feet, but they could never blister anything more than fire that raged in my heart.

Dying in this inferno, amongst the wilted charred roses, and the ghost of Christmases past seemed like a better idea than living through it.

So that had been my best idea. Find a place to lay down and croak. Curl up with the remains of much happier times and fading memories that lay buried beneath the ash. It would have done me good to remember that my plans never went off without a hitch.

On the edge of Blackwood Forest, stood a gray castle. Only we weren’t supposed to call it that. Three years ago the ignorant villagers who were in love with…

Sad that you guys will have to wait until next year to see the rest of it…

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Just a quick weekend note, I finally hit 200 followers. Thanks to each and every one of you! As thanks, next weekend I will be posting an EPIC book release schedule, just as I promised I would when I hit 200.

Also, if you were curious about how the 3 Day Novel contest went stay tuned to my blog Monday and I will have a surprise.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Abrupt Endings; In the Event of a 3 Day Novel Contest Emergency.

We have just under 12 hours as I sit here and write this blog (PDT) and I know a lot of us are feeling the heat. I don’t have time to sugar coat this in my usual weeping humor, so with out further ado:

The Main Character Wakes Up: Everything that happened up until this point was only a dream, and thus so random and inconsequential it does not need a true conclusion.

The word ends: Explodes. combusts, ceases to exist. There are no more characters to tell a story about.

Flashback of doom. As it turns out your whole book was a flashback seconds before your MC is actually killed off. Turns out there wasn’t time for the whole thing.

For the romance: The love interests suddenly discover they are actually related. You are no Cassandra Claire and your book is now entirely pointless—but done.

For the mystery: The MC realizes he is the one who done it. Oh crap.

For the Werewolf Book: The MC is killed by vampires.

For the Vampire Book: The MC is killed by werewolves.

For everything else: And then they all died. The end.

No one isn’t finishing their 3 Day Novel on my watch!

Friday, September 2, 2011

If You’re a Writer NOTHING is Unimaginable


How to survive the 3 Day Novel Contest & Other Impossible Deadlines.

When I tell people I’m doing the 3 Day Novel contest, the typical reaction goes something close to this: They start by sharking their heads, and then follow up with, “I can’t even write a book in year—month—week—whatever.” Even from other writers, that I know for fact have written other books.

Since I have done the 3 Day Novel Contest before, I can tell you that it really is impossible—if you think about it too much and don’t just write. Don’t get my wrong, I spend a fair amount of time on the color coded outline (that I am still not done with) but I don’t obsess over the writing process, that would make you insane. That would make you quit before you ever even start.

Let’s break it down.

Make and outline or don’t make an outline?

People tout one or the other as the way to go, but I can tell you it’s really both. Go with which one you are most comfortable with, or the way you get the most success with. If you *never* outline, trying to make yourself stick to one now will only waste time and give you a serious headache. No matter how many people SAY you should do this even if you don’t normally you know what works for you.

Sleep, or don’t sleep?

Sleep, at least Saturday night. Want to maximize your hours? Take a nap after an early dinner Friday night, and wake up at 11:45 PM (earlier if you have trouble rolling out of bed) and don’t sleep until a slightly earlier bedtime on Saturday. In your coffee induced, adrenalin rush haze you might be tempted to just stay up, DON’T! It’s always easiest the first day. Plan on sleeping a normal amount of time on Saturday night. That way if you need more time you will be in better shape to stay up Sunday night.

Make a plan, or wing it?

If you are making an outline, even just a very basic one, you need a plan. Otherwise you can wing it. Note, a plan is not the same thing as an outline. You need to think of your book in terms of the beginning, the middle, and the end. Now since the 3 Day Novel Contest is 3 days that sounds like it’s almost perfect. Only you need to expect to be most productive on Saturday than any other day, and Monday being the day for playing catch up.So your numbers should look more like this as opposed to being 1/3, 1/3, 1/3


<-----Beginning------><-----The Middle-----><-------The End------>

Drink water, not wine.

Or you know, drink wine in moderation, but don’t forget the water. I tend to drink an unhealthy level of carbonated beverages while doing the three day novel contest. Then I follow all those down with my weight in coffee. All that drinking usually makes me forget water until I am already dehydrated.

Change your scenery, or live in a cave?

Live in a cave until you can no longer take the stench of it, then change your scenery. If I get stuck, I don’t sit there staring dumbly at my notebook—or computer screen. I change the song on the playlist, and if that doesn’t work I pick myself up and go somewhere else. That might just be to the living room sofa or the dining room table—but it might be to Starbucks or In n’ Out Burger… it depends on how stuck I am. Usually by the time I get up then get back on track I have come up with a solution or I forgot why I was stuck to begin with.

To Tweet, or to NOT Tweet?

I ask that question a lot, and for me the answer is always YES, TWEET. But if you have any doubts at all, don’t do it!

Stay calm or freak out?

There is never any need to freak out. I will even be shelling out some last minute alternative endings Monday if you run out of time. (Unless I run out of time)

Unplug from the Internet, or keep up with Angela Write Now for all of your 3 Day Novel Contest needs?

Trick question.