Monday, September 26, 2011

PSSST Pass It On, or Risk DARK C.A.R.M.A {Ultimate Blog Tour}


I have been really cryptic about it for days, but it’s finally here! The big reveal for the DARK C.A.R.M.A. tour.

What is DARK C.A.R.M.A. you ask? What you are going to get if you don’t go tell all of your friends about it. No seriously, DARK C.A.R.M.A. is the awesome and appropriate name for the group of ladies I am launching Pigments of My Imagination with 10/21. Pigments will be available on every major online retailer by that date via Red Iris Books, and we are giving away some awesome prizes in honor of it.

In fact with the other ladies I am doing the launch with, they practically SPEW awesomeness. Spew it.

Because we are asset kicking and taking names as a team, we get to do all kinds of fun and fantastic things we would not get to do on our own.

Including the group tour website:

Now do you see yonder DARK C.A.R.M.A. button? Snag the code off of my sidebar and GO GO GO!

I want you to take it, and put it anywhere you can stick it with out ticking anyone off. THEN I want you to go to the DARK C.A.R.M.A. website where you can enter to win one of our five awesome books! Four of which you can see below, Mels cover is coming soon, and it too spews. You know, awesomeness.

Go forth, and read about the people set out to take over the world. What, you thought it was just me?

BOUND COVER - SMALL1 copybecomecoverprint0830Exiled_Cover

pigmentsGlass_Storm_by_iNeedChemicalX* Coming Soon

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Tell Angela Write Now What Book to Write for NANOWRIMO

Even though I have partaken in the 3 Day Novel contest and lived through it twice, something about NANOWRIMO gets to me. I allow myself very little time to write whatever I have just thought up. I have a schedule that tells me which novels I will write, and I am already into 2013. Which sounds horrid, but for me it’s necessary. To be able to give in to recent fancies I allow myself 2 off books. The one I write for the 3 day Novel contest, and the one I write for NANOWRIMO. Last year I survived the later, only to crash and burn in November, because I attempted to switch books halfway in. So I ended up with half of two books.

To avoid that I am trying to commit myself fully to one idea now. So I can stop thinking about it. Only probably is I don’t know which idea; someone please just tell me. I narrowed it down to 3.

The Elevator Underground: MG/ Adventure/ Urban Fantasy. All over the world, there are elevators hidden in the open, elevators that look like they lead to no where. Garan discovers one such elevator on the way home from school, and learns the truly great of our society have abandoned us.

Everlasting: YA Grim Fairytale. The sequel to Scorned. (Without too many spoilers) at the end of Scorned, Wills escapes into the gypsy forest. He’s lost his love, two castles, and his will to live. Now someone is looking for him, and they are willing to brave anything to get him back, but what are their real motives?

Cave Blind: YA post apocalyptic (romance). Years after humanity fled the surface, Isis still has trouble with the dark, she longs to see the sun, but that was before she realized she was blind; and that others survived outside the caves that she was born in.

Vote, then if you have a sec, I’d love if you would comment why you voted the way you did.

Thanks for voting! THE ELEVATOR UNDERGROUND won!

Monday, September 19, 2011

SKELETON LAKE 10/21/11 by Red Iris Books {Cover Reveal}

Young goth couple outdoors

{Click cover to Add to Goodreads}

Back cover Blurb:

Unsure if she's drowning or being saved, all Marlow wants to do is run away. Ensnared in a haunting love triangle, she realizes both boys have holes in their hearts; gaping spaces she can never hope to fill.

Scars from loving the same girl, a girl who managed to stay dead.

Now she is being hunted, for what she has become and what she never asked to be.  Even as a Skeleton Marlow isn’t the worst thing in the night—she isn’t even close.

About Red Iris Books:


Thrilled by werewolves, haunted spirits, demons, and deadly angels? Love the chill of an eerie tale? Red Iris Books will transport you to a dark, seductive world of the unknown with the best in dark fantasy for adult and teen audiences.

And there is a killer give away! Click the logo to find out how to win a Kindle! Then tell your friends, and tell them to tell their friends!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Angela Kulig DARKSIDE + Book Release Schedule

From now until Halloween, you will be privy to Angela Kulig DARKSIDE. So what exactly is that? Well, many moons ago when I began to write young adult books I joked about needing two aliases. Angela Kulig—and a made up name to call myself when I wrote dark books.

After devoting obscene amounts of time and energy building my online personality I decided it would likely never be worth it. I

Tomorrow I am announcing that I have joined forces with a start up publisher, and laying out my first book with them--but as promised I am showing my book release schedule for the end of the year. The book I am announcing tomorrow is blacked out *wink wink*

Angela Kulig DARKSIDE is for all my dark paranormal books. I do not write true horror.

October 21, 2011

November 11, 2011

December 1, 2011

December 21, 2011
END (Anthology)

January 2, 2012

Thursday, September 15, 2011

It’s Official. You Can Now Add PIGMENTS OF MY IMAGINATION on

Good! Because Mel M. was going to drive me insane about it. Pigments of My Imagination comes out 11-11-11 as part of the DARK C.A.R.M.A. Tour which I will be talking about extensively as soon as there are fancy blog buttons to go along with it.

But until then add me:


I guess I could be persuaded to give something awesome away if enough people add it this week. Hint hint.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Remember Me? PIGMENTS OF MY IMAGINATION, (confirmed release date)


I hope so, because I just agreed to publish it 11-11-11 in a collaborative effort called the Dark. C.A.R.M.A tour—but more on that soon.

Pigments of My Imagination, is a YA semi-supernatural romance. You can read the first chapter for free here:

Pigments of My Imagination First Chapter

Because this week is all about me leaving you in horrible suspense, I have a few other things I’d like to bring up. SKELETON LAKE, BARNEBY KNOTTS, HEROES & VALLENEZ, and a publisher that is not Angela Kulig INK Inc—or whatever awful name I would have come up with f if I had decided to become a publisher myself.

Squirming yet? Did you know, that Pigments of My Imagination is not going to be my first release? Bet that got your attention, but I can’t talk about it until I have permission! I will however, give you a little hint.

Just in time for Halloween,

this book rattles and shakes,

it makes you scream!

Though it boasts a many beasts,

there are no vampires, wolves,

or girls caught in between.

Yes it’s best you do not linger,

for this body will beget more

than unearthly pruney fingers.

A watery grave signals the end,

but that’s where this book

has to begin.