Monday, January 30, 2012

The Day Angela Kulig Became Properly Disillusioned

I am not one to hate on people involved in traditional publishing. You know; agents, editors, writers, publishers--there are several reasons for that. 1.) We must always try to be professional 2.) I do interact with them many times in a professional environment. 3.) One day I hope to have a book for sale 75% off at the Walmart.

Oh these lofty, unobtainable goals.

That being said, this weekend I found myself PISSED OFF!

One of my favorite agents, the agent that up until this point I always thought would one day by MY agent. Said some really--what I consider--unprofessional things about self published writers. I have never self published any of my books--so, why should I take offense to this as I'm a real "indie" writer--whatever that is? I mean other than I have more self pub'd friends than I can shake an iPhone at; but the hypocrisy of it is outlandish.

It wasn't just the usual--I don't believe in self publishing blah blah. Oh no, it was a Self Published books are ranked lower than the gum I just scraped off the bottom of my shoe and far more irksome. What is even worse is this wasn't even in a work related context--she was complaining about stumbling upon them while shoping for books.

It is troubling that, as writers, we must always be professional. I see agents rag about people who didn't follow their guidelines, or offended them in some other way--by doing what is usually something very slight, every single day online. They talk about these people in rash, demeaning words--and I used to understand.

Only the double standard has become too much. If we say anything remotely negative about them we find ourselves painted as the jilted lover, and threatened with blacklisting. We are always in the wrong. Always. They are not held to the same standards.

I understand the need for agents. If everyone could do as good of a job as an agent--often times a whole agency, a team of editors, and an entire publishing company then they wouldn't have a fucking job. One day, I will look for one again. Only not this one. It doesn't matter that she has requested every single manuscript I ever queried. It doesn't matter that she requested revisions--and even rerevisions on two of my books.

All that matters is, I think she is a bit of a bitch and I don't think I'd like to work with her anyway.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Newest Book Covers for Book Cover Lovers

Today I hope to hash out my next few months book release schedule with my publisher RED IRIS BOOKS until then enjoy my new book covers.

BTW The Skeleton Song is the prequel to SKELETON LAKE and it will be available on ebook absolutely free. Yep, FREE!

AND I hope to make it available pre-release date to skeleton fans that complete one easy (and free!) task! All the deets coming next week, as well as the synop book info.

Dust of the Dead Sea is the 2nd Book in the Skeleton Lake Series and the next new book cover you will see for me is for something completely different. I am DYING to tell you about it, but it is my new years resolution that I will be waiting no announce new releases until they are in stone.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

END Anthology Out TODAY {All Profits Benefit St. Jude}

There is a lot of stuff I should be saying, but I am still sick so lets skip on to the important info shall we? END is out today! It's a collection of short stories by really talented authors, and me. We get no money from this, it's all going to St. Jude where children are never turned away for their inability to pay. SO I don't feel bad at all begging you to buy it, give it as a gift for Christmas AND asking tell everyone you know.

It's available on Amazon,, and Smashwords!
I miss blogging! I expect to be well and caught up but not before Christmas. I will see you collected and in control by the new year though!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Angela Kulig is LOST in some sort of time paradox {Not the plot of a bad Mary-Sue Novel}

I sit here typing, and I have no idea what day it is. I think it might be Friday, I hold my breath and hope for the best but GASP it's only Tuesday. This keeps happening to me, last week I thought it was Wednesday when it was Friday. Friday should never feel like it's any other day but Friday! That is ludicrous!

And I have things to do.... many MANY things to do. Most of them could be accomplished in just one night of the husband watching the kids--but it's been weeks and my to do list only grows. Stuff that should take me hours fills days and days and they don't get done. Nothing gets done, everything I start is left uncompleted.

I am not sure if I ever announced it on the blog but I'm pregnant. It's a happy thing, but it's making me so tired I can't even see right after about 5pm, and I wouldn't last that long if I didn't have a nap or sleep in. I have 4 kids, but it hasn't ever been like this.

Honestly I don't want to do anything, but fall asleep until I don't feel like this anymore. I don't want to read, write, or launch books. I don't want to blog, or tweet, or learn anything. Then I hate myself for that, because that isn't who I am. I am the queen of mulitaskers. I am the patron saint of post its! I am just too tired. So be patient with me. If you need something from me soon, just poke me nicely. Luckily the first trimester is 2/3 over.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Saints & Sinners GIVEAWAY by Geeky Blogger's Book Blog! CLOSED Winner: SPAV

DUDE! I get to do this AWESOME AMAZING TOTALLY EPIC GIVEAWAY by Felicia @ Geeky Blogger's Book Blog!

Check out the blog here:

CONGRATS TO SPAV Who has her pic of the Dark Hunter Series

Enter to win ONE of the Dark Hunter Series!

Run over to the Geeky Bloggers & Comment Here to win!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Saints & Sinners: Angela Kulig dishes on The Paranormals Series by J.L.Bryan

I have the honor of talking about some of the best Saints & Sinners in all the paranormal genre today! Seth & Alexander from The Paranormals Series by J.L.Bryan.

Oh, sorry. I keep drooling all over the keyboard.

The first time we met Seth Barrett in Jenny Pox I ignored him. The second time we met Seth Barrett I ignored him. The third time we met him I was convinced he was a brainless asshole. If only I had known! I could have lusted over him properly.

This is Seth, or at least the way BB and many drooling readers see him:

He is sort of an all American Boy. Football player, blond, ridiculously good looking--but he also has a secret, and no matter how many people he could help with his amazing power, he can’t tell anyone. Especially, Jenny Mittens.

Their life together begins one day on the side of the road, with Seth goes a little too far, and reveals a little too much. After that they begin to discover they are linked in ways they couldn’t even imagine.

But Seth, who might have out of this world good looks, is very real. In the Paranormal Series he makes quite a few mistakes, and one of them sends Jenny into the arms of this guy:

Alexander Death. The first thing you need to know about Alexander is, he speaks in really sexy Latin languages. The second thing you need to know about Alexander is, he is unapologetically a sinner. Despite what the Bookish Brunette would have you believe, nothing good can come from raising the dead. All that aside though, I enjoy lusting after this bad boy and I know you will too!

Dying to read about Seth and Alexander death? Pick up Jenny Pox, the first book in The Paranormals Series for FREE on Kindle and enter to win the paperback here!

Need more info on the author J.L.Bryan?
Follow His Blog

J.L. Bryan is a guy paranormal romance writer (It is a paranormal romance Jeff!) so that automatically makes him hot! Also he puts up with some of the craziest bitches on the internets--namely myself and Ashley, The Bookish Brunette. He has published a lot of books you need to read. Right now.

The Giveaway Winner is SUPAGIRL congrats, be looking from an email from me!

Saints & Sinners Weekend!

You know what you should be doing right now? Grabbing a lawn chair, and heading over to the because you will want to be there all weekend.  It's going to be like camping out on Thanksgiving and waiting for Black Friday. Only a million times better because Saints & Sinners will be in a state of constant giveaways! No money spent, and no need to worry over being pepper sprayed by some crazy broad at the Walmart.

What is Saint's & Sinners you ask? Besides what will likely be the best giveaways to hit the blogosphere this year--we discuss the most important people in the books we love.

That's right, the smoking hot dudes!

Now some of the awesomeness will be spilling on to my blog this weekend as well, you will just have to check back often and stayed glued to Twitter to find out. I will also be adding links to all the content over at BB's to the bottom of this post.

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Giveaway: Asylum (The Causal Enchantment Series, #2) by KA Tucker
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S.M. Reine as Seth from Six Moon Summer    

Oh yeah, and Skeleton Lake is ON SALE for just .99 at Amazon to add to the weekend long FUN