Friday, October 30, 2015

Halloween Reads Day Four

Friday is the perfect day to pick up a fantastic Halloween read! Remember check the sponsors, and enter to win some AMAZING products at the bottom of this post.

I haven't been this happy about Friday since last Friday.

This looks AWESOME! You need it.

On the 10th June 1780 Clara Jameson's mutilated body is carried home by her father. Her body found at Drayton Pond, the attack described as frenzied; sixteen stab wounds inflicted on her body. No one knows who did it. 

Death at Drayton Pond is a dark and twisted Georgian Historical Macabre Thriller; Thriller 1700's style with a touch of Romance, Mystery and Horror.

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Skeletons in the closet? Perfect for Halloween or anytime.

Drowning might not be the way most adventures start, but it is the only way at Skeleton Lake. When Death is your only companion, darkness is always on the horizon. 

In the prequel to SKELETON LAKE, Cassie chooses the wrong brother. That leads to a series of events that take all of her choices away. For in a world of beautiful bones and false flesh, sometimes life after death is killer.

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Creepy is cool. You like cool right?

The streets of Tucson's southside have become a place of terror. Someone or something is stalking and killing young women. 

Ward Rickman has come to town to find an old friend. Find him and kill him before he takes another innocent life. 

Because it takes a werewolf to stop a werewolf..

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Miss days One, Two, or Three of Halloween Reads?
We've got you covered.

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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Halloween Reads 2015 Day Three

Welcome to day three of the 2015 Halloween Reads Event!I really like the number three, odd numbers in general... go figure. Don't forget to check out the sponsors and enter to win the AWESOME prizes provided by them at the bottom of the post--all after getting your B00000k on!

Because terrible things make great stories.

Louis Kearny is burying something sinister in the middle of a desolate forest on a cold January morning. He killed his wife, Christina, and he intends to put her in the ground. Little does he know that his actions on this day can cause deadly repercussions... Burials is a humorous and bloody short story, number two in the Terrible Tales series.

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Bad things often start with good intentions.

Ashley "Ash" Prince hates using magic, but that doesn't stop her mother from forcing lessons on her. She resists except when it helps her stepbrother, Charlie. 

Charlie is sick and none of the doctors knows why. When Ash has a witch dream, she is determined to find the elusive and rare Ghost Orchid—a flower that could be the key to saving him. Her mother begs her not to go because not only did Ash's dream reveal a way to heal her brother, it also hinted at her death. But when her brother gets worse, she refuses to sit around and let him die. In a race against time, Ash and a boy she met in a coffee shop go in search of the Ghost Orchid. 

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It is 1897, the year of the Old Queen's Diamond Jubilee. Gerard de Montclaire, France's greatest detective of the Belle Epoque, is called to Scotland to investigate the sudden madness of the Earl and Laird. Local folk, around the small highland village of Aylswik, say it is the visitation of an Ancient Curse. A fiend, known since medieval times as The Horror, has returned from time to time to punish evil men, by driving them mad. Discovering the truth of The Horror will lead Montclaire and his associate, Sir Francis FitzMaurice, to uncover a great evil and to awaken memories of an old injustice.

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Miss  the other days? Find days One and Two here. 

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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Halloween Reads 2015 Day Two

Happy Wednesday! Here's your daily dose of Halloween reads. Get your B000000000k on, then enter to win the awesome prizes!  Entering is easy, and scoring fantastic reads is even easier. Check back every day this week for more great for Halloween stories. Miss day one? Find is here.

Skeleton Lake is on SALE for .99, but only through Halloween! I dare you to find something better for Halloween than Skeletons.

Unsure if she's drowning or being saved, all Marlow wants to do is run away. Ensnared in a haunting love triangle, she realizes both boys have holes in their hearts; gaping spaces she can never hope to fill. Scars from loving the same girl, a girl who managed to stay dead. Now she is being hunted, for what she has become and what she never asked to be. Even as a Skeleton Marlow isn't the worst thing in the night-she isn't even close.

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Minecraft is in, and it can be in with Halloween too!

Creepy is excited when a zombie pigman invites him to go candy raiding in a nearby village for Halloween. Unfortunately the friendly creeper doesn't have the required holiday "haunting license" and gets into big trouble with the village guards. It takes some quick thinking from his friend, Cube Cowboy, to save Creepy from getting locked up or worse. 

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Need I say more?

How does revenge lead to saving a life? And what is the perfect response to an almost perfect crime?
After a sad breakup all Ryan wants is to be alone to clear his mind. It's a small world in Mexico for a Canadian tourist, and it gets even smaller when Ryan meets a man who is practically a neighbour. How unfortunate that a spot of youthful mischief keeps them from becoming good friends! But two people so well matched in wits can make even better enemies, and the dazzle of Mexico's colours and sunshine is an ideal stage for the pageant of death.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Halloween Reads 2015 Day One

It's here, it's here! The most wonderful time of year. Join us all week as we help you discover some really AWESOME Halloween Reads!

Oh and win some really AWESOME prizes in the process!

Into Zombies? OF COURSE, YOU'RE into Zombies!

After a night spent at a run-down cabin in the woods, estranged friends Zoe and Boggs wake to find that the dead have risen. They flee, hoping to find safety, but instead find themselves surrounded by their worst nightmares. Joined by two other survivors, they will face unimaginable horrors and suffer unthinkable losses as the rules of nature are rewritten. They will soon realize that the living dead aren't just the shambling, mindless creatures that legends portray.
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This book is one of the strangest paranormal books I have ever read. Yes, I did just say that. Yes, you need to buy it.

At summer's end, mysterious white pickup trucks take to the roads and compel nearly everyone to "drive off." Some of those who remain gather in a suburban Atlanta subdivision, and struggle to cope with a world whose infrastructure is rapidly crumbling. One of the few who are mentally and emotionally prepared for the end of the world is Cody Sifko, a youth who quickly becomes the inspiration for the others. When a strange homeless woman names him "Father of Nations," is she seeing his future or her own delusions? As winter and a hate group try to destroy Laurel Hills, can Cody overcome personal tragedy and seize his destiny?

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Read the blurb and tell me it's not perfect for Halloween!

Cadi Shaw doesn’t take much from humans - an ampoule of urine, a few snips of hair, maybe a toenail or two. Nothing essential. Nothing life-threatening. A magical sigil half-blood, Cadi collects the ingredients for her brother Torvi’s healing spells while he sells remedies for arthritis and minor ailments in their store. 

But not all sigils are harmless. Running afoul of three badly wounded Nychos, Cadi is forced to procure for them in exchange for her brother’s life. But they want a lot more than human hair to work the spells keeping them alive. They want her to kill . . . and Cadi has no choice. 

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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Insomnia, the flavor of the week. Is it raining, is it snowing? Is a hurricane a blowing?

Tomorrow starts the most wonderful time of year, 2015 Halloween Reads Season! But I couldn't help but stopping in today, and talking about how seriously screwed up in the head I am. I mean, seriously, there is no other explanation.

 I have really wicked insomnia. I am pretty sure it settled into my bones early, at the ripe old age of nine or ten. Sometimes I just can't sleep. I'll be tired. I might even stagger like I'm drunk, if dare put down the book I'm reading and climb out of bed. Sometimes I'm not tired at all, and I find myself at the end five AM before winding down with no place to go.

But worst, worst of all, is when I wake up,

And wake up,

And wake up.

Last night was no exception. Last night was the worst yet. Sometimes I wake up every hour, or two. Last night I woke up in roughly 47 minute increments--and while that, in itself, wasn't so strange, w hat I was doing when I woke up was.

I was singing, but not just any song. I was waking myself up singing this:

There's no earthly way of knowing
Which direction we are going
There's no knowing where we're rowing
Or which way the river's flowing

Is it raining, is it snowing
Is a hurricane a-blowing

Not a speck of light is showing
So the danger must be growing
Are the fires of Hell a-glowing
Is the grisly reaper mowing

Yes, the danger must be growing
For the rowers keep on rowing
And they're certainly not showing
Any signs that they are slowing

It was so strange. If you had asked me that day I'd have told you I couldn't recall more than a handful of these words, but there I was, singing them. Clearly, I am not well.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

More Awesome Prizes Than You Can Shake a Book At!

I know you guys like to win things, here is the second giveaway up for the month of October!

AND.... it's a wild one! The giveaway is over on I Love Vampire Novels; which yes does more paranormal besides blood drinkers.

You could win all this awesomeness AND MORE! Plus, everyone who enters will get their very own FREE copy of The Skeleton Song when the giveaway is over.

Is this an awesome giveaway or WHAT? Leave some love, then go enter and tell your friends!

Friday, October 2, 2015

Better than Easter, Better than Christmas: HALLOWEEN

It's October, that can only mean one thing...and it's not pumpkin shaped peanut butter cups or lattes. 

There is so much to look forward to this October:

  • A  Giveaway 3 Giveaways... well counting this one it's 4!
  • A book launch
  • A cover reveal
  • Halloween Reads 2015
  • An awesome SALE
  • An easy way to score one of my books for free
But what are you looking forward to? Ghost? Costumes? Candy? Well you'll want all three this month if you want to win! 

Leave what Halloween tricks or treats you are most excited about in the comments for you chance to win a:

$5 Amazon gift card! 

Winner will be chosen randomly. Entries must be in by 10/4 11:59PM Central Standard Time